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Production services:

  1. Production of thermoplastic granulate based on:
    • Recycled glass fibres
    • Industrial recyclates
    • Ocean-bound recyclates
    • Post-consumer recyclates
  2. Sale of granules to end-use manufacturers
  3. Marketing support
  4. Licensing of our process technology to plastics manufacturers


Consulting services:

  1. Design, planning and engineering of complete GRP recycling plants.
    (from GRP waste procurement to the new product)
  2. Project management
  3. for GRP waste producers:
    • Recording and assessment of waste streams
    • Identifying recycling opportunities
    • Analysis of GRP waste
    • Mediation of specialized disposal companies
  4. for recycling companies:
    • Demonstration of the possibilities for the treatment of GRP wastes
    • Specification design
    • Analysis of recuperated fibers


Research services:

  1. Developing new and innovative GRP recycling methods
  2. Identify new application opportunities

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